Scotty and Tonya
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Scotty, Tonya, and lots of Budweiser:


Drove from Vegas to SLC to Boulder to Lawrence to St. Louis - all in the month of March.

Washington University - Absolutely the most beautiful campus I have ever seen. Wonderful stone college feel, with lots of money, good food, and super people. Too bad they don't have an engineering school worth anything. That and it is supposed to be around $34 big ones a year to have the honor of attending.

On with the beer!

(Picture is subtitled chika-chika-bowow)

These are the awesome people I was refering to! Scotty Murphy and Tonya Ward. She goes to WashU, he goes to Univ of Missouri, Rolla (UMR). You will see them in some of my high school pics. They've been dating for way too long!

They were nice enough to take me to the Bud plant!

They make beer!

Lots of beer...

Is it me or is this just a bit better than my bucket setup? (See wine making)

Me and the Village Idiot

You think you've got a tough job? How about watching beer ferment. It takes not one, but TWO Missouri boys to do this.

It was a really good tour - the free samples at the end weren't too shabby either.