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Event Services Specialists:

That's us. We were in charge of giving you a hard time if you didn't have the right accreditation, or if we were having a bad day.

 That's Robyn, Me, Mike, Matt, and Eddie. Debbie and Troy are crouched down in front. We consistently worked the swing shift; 2:00pm - 10:30pm. This is the best job I have ever had. Whether is was pool after work or planning a trip to Vegas, we always seemed to click right together. I think we went five straight nights of pool, beer, and darts. That was during the week. The weekends were reserved for house parties.

This is our wonderful (@#$%ing) uniform. Can't complain too much. It was free, but it was way too thin to be called a winter coat.

Eddie after a day of snowboarding and hitting the jumps at Snowbird.

Also, Eddie before two beers and three lost games of pool.

You really can't tell that's me but I bet you can tell what that falic symbol is behind me!

The was life for me in SLC, Utah for two and a half months. Not too shabby. Notice the five gallon bucket under the window sill. What could that be?

A shot outside my window. I lived in the Avenues of Salt Lake. About a block from down town, and a block away from everything you need really. Totally new to me, life was very good.

This is supposedly where we get our names slapped on a wall in down town SLC. I won't be looking for mine anytime soon, SLOC has a way of screwing up the simplest of concepts. I just liked the reflection :)

When we weren't turning our brains to mush at work we where at the slopes! This time it was Troy and I at Brighton. Very good snow - but a bit nipply. That's me in my snowboarding boots (really hiking boots, but they work). I lost that hat. I liked that hat...