K120 Ski Jump
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K120 Ski Jump Finals:

120 meter jump. Floating in the air for 110-130 meters. Two jumps per athlete. Metal stadium seats at 24 degrees Fherenheight. Who could ask for more?

Look at all those people down there. Good thing I've got my nice warm seat. Oh wait, I paid extra to sit in the stands and freeze my ass off.

This is what I was sitting on. Hmm.

Yep. They set it up in two weeks, and it will be gone three days after closing ceremonies. Metal freaking stands. Who's sick joke was it?

Atleast the view was nice!

Oh, you wanted to see some jumping? Well, if you can find 'Waldo' then you should enjoy the following series of photos.

And yes, he really is in the air, about 15 meters off the ground.

86 Jumps and not a single fall. They've got balls, big steel balls.

Elvis! Elvis!

What would this world be like if it weren't for Elvis impersonators?