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Rice-Eccles Stadium:

Our stomping ground. We were to keep people out, workers in, and make sure nothing walked away (damn my beanie for growing legs). It was good, sometimes boring, sometimes cold, but not too shabby.

Taken about a week before open ceremonies. This is a view from inside one of the press boxes. Not too exciting, but remember, this is me working. I get paid to watch this place.

This is when it really got intresting! This is a shot of the audience during open ceremonies. They really put on a show! But the green coats got to work it. I was stuck outside the stadium at the Media Mag and Bag. I took this shot on our dinner break.

Again, more dead time in between the opening and closing. But we did get to work in the light of...

The torch!

I think the news said it used enough gas to fuel 18 homes for a year (5 million MCF). But we've got extra to waste! What do you think this is, Colorado?

Another shot. I must say, the lighting guys earned their nickel. Between the black lights and eye-shattering spot lights, the cauldron always looked good.