Women's Hockey
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Women's Hockey:

I had seen men's hockey on TV. I knew Olympic Hockey was a bit different. But I had not idea how much fun my first Olympic Event was going to be!

Women's Hockey

Russia vs. Sweden

Waiting in line to get my bag searched - Might as well take a shot of the mountains and flags. Ohhh - pretty. You've gotta love two ice rinks and a soccer field that were demolished to form...

The Peaks Ice Arena

It was cool. Notice the empty stands in the background. I guess the media didn't feel this was an important game. Damn the media and all their convoluted equipment. I am bitter. Find out here.

Back to the stars!

Sure enough! Female Russian hockey players.

I will admit, the men's games are bloodier and faster paced. But I can tell you, this was one of the best hockey games I've seen. I think everyone in the house was rooting for Russia to tie up the game in the last few minutes of the game. It didn't happen, but I got to experience something that I doubt I will ever again see.