WineFest 02
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Wine, Whistles, and some Bicycles: 

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, no? It would be if only I could remember the joke, or even the weekend...

Winefest 2002 - Take a (bicycle) tour of the vineyards in Southern Colorado and then spend the afternoon tasting what Colorado Grapes have to offer.

The bike ride was about 25 miles long. Not too bad considering my father and I have been tooting around for 10 years (20 years for him) in the saddle.

I have no pictures of the tandem we rode. Hopefully someday I can snag my mom's photo collection and get some online.

But for those of you who don't know (and I will assume, care) two people ride a tandem. The person in front is called the captain. They steer, brake, shift, and get to stare at the road. The stoker rides in the back, gets to do nothing but pedal (even that is negotiable), and stare and the captain's rear end.

Because the captain is being occupied with obvious responsibilities, it is the stokers job to make sure the way is clear for the two riders to go screaming through the crowd of novice riders. This can be done a number of ways, including yelling 'On your left', or dirty derivations there of (be creative).

About the time tandems became popular in Oklahoma ('95?), someone got the grand idea of carrying and using a train whistle to left the riders know something was coming. My sister picked up on this very quickly and bought ours around this time. Since then we have been a hit. Everyone on the 'Tour of the Vineyards' seemed pleased enough, and if they weren't, at least they got out of the way...

After screaming through 25 miles, it's time to change and eat (oh yea, wine too).

Wine there wuz. Walking in, you are ID (so I was at least) and handed a wine glass.

You walk up. They pour an ounce of your choice. You walk away. Cool.

It was a really nice day.

This was cool. They had snow pants on in September.


Mean while, my father's Zinfandel and Cabernet were getting judged at the wine tasting inside.

Tough job.

This was after a couple of bad glasses. I forget why I took it.

I really liked this shot. Old lady relaxing with a full glass.

Whoa! Careful there.

I don't know how they did it, but it had a tongue.

It picked up quite a bit.

That's right! No dogs allowed!

Twas a good ride, a good day, and an even better appreciation for good wine.