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Remember that saying in sex ed about having sex with every partner your lover has had sex with? Well the same principle applies here! You will be drinking whatever was last in the container, so make sure you trust it (ie, donít use old chemical buckets). Get a 5 gallon food grade plastic bucket. My wine store sold these with the lid with the grommet hole for about $5 bucks. Wine people call this plastic bucket a carboy. Eh, it's just a bucket. The clear plastic canister thing is called a water lock. It allows gasses to flow out but not in. Un-seen stuff in the air can foul your wine. Always have plenty of newspaper around to stick under your work area. Wine goes everywhere and has a tendency to stain like grape juice (go figure). I would also recommend the 3 gallon glass jug. You will need it to house your wine while it ages (or while you take up the bucket to start more).