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Start by buying 5 lbs of sugar but I recommend 10 (5 lbs. will make about 3 gallons of wine). Any basic, white, granulated sugar will do. 

Next, from top left going down, Yeast Nutrient (4 oz.), Acid Blend (4 oz.), Tannin (.5 oz.), and Campden tablets. On the right you should see various types of yeast. Yep, thatís bakerís yeast there at the bottom. It can be used, it will produce alcohol, but it is baker's yeast (blah!). Since you are going to wine making store you might as well get some real wine yeast. Montrachet has been recommended to me, I prefer the Lalvin. With modern yeast chemistry you will never get a dead batch, but the differences will make the wine taste differently. If this is your first experiment with wine, get red wine yeast. It will produce more alcohol and give you more room for error. If you think all yeast will perform the same, check out Run #6. My first blow out!

I almost forgot! Grape juice! Technical gurus will only use freshly crushed wine grapes; I use generic Welchís concentrate. Works great, gets you screwed up (mission goal). Use anything that says %100 grape juice. Iíve tried cherry wine with less than par results. But it could be cool if you want to try it.