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Tracie and Akbar Get Engaged
Conner Wedding
Great White Hike
San Francisco
Pride Fest
New Years 03
North Carolina
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The Funnies
Free Desk
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Mike's Moto
Coors Field
OSSM Friends
Scotty and Tonya
T&S Wedding

My Life:

Blessed be the Colorado Crew. That's me in 5 seat!

Wanna take a look? It can be sorta boring. But be my guest!

We have for you tonight:

Confluence - The great white hike

Flying Gliders and driving cars

Mike's Motorcycle - shots from work

PIC programming - whoa. Really boring.

Kinetics - Drinking and building amphibious vehicles.

Vegas baby! - The trip after the Olympics

University life  - Ahhhh yea! The best friends are made close to home. Williams Village was a great place to start CU. 

Colorado Crew - Colorado also has the greatest rowing team in the Mid-west. I have learned more my first year of college rowing with these guys (and Katie and Laurel) than I ever did in High School sports. 

Friends and Places - From Tulsa Prom to the good life, my friends from a previous time.

My Fam - Wanna see what a Seidle does?

OSSM Life - Defining (not necessarily good) two years of my life. The best of times, the worst of times. The people made it bearable.

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